Evangelistic Outreach Events Near You


We travel all over the country with our exciting outreach. Our variety of action sports, BMX bike stunting and positive message reaches and engages audiences of all ages. Interested in booking a Real Encounter Outreach event that isn’t available? Please contact us. Our evangelistic outreach is comprised of many action sports and we may have another availability option.

  2018 Dates    
  January 14-15 Davis, OK
  January 22-23 Alexandria, LA
  February 17 Fordland, MO
  March 3 Greenville, KY
  March 10 Lafayette, LA
  March 16 Lebanon, MO
  March 20-21 Columbia, MO
  April 6 Springfield, MO
  April 13 Springfield, MO
  April 14 Springfield, MO
  May 5 Tall Timbers, LA
  May 22 Springfield, MO
  June 5 Lincoln, MO
  June 6 Derby, KS
  June 7 Mt. Vernon, MO
  June 14 Ft. Wayne, IN
  June 21 Springfield, MO
  June 21 Grapevine, TX
  June 22 Jacksonville, IL
  June 23-24 Bedford, IN
  June 24 Sullivan, IN
  June 25 Springfield, MO
  June 29 Hot Springs, AR
  July 1 Park Hills, MO
  July 1 Arnold, MO
  July 8 McLeansboro, IL
  July 10 Denton, MD
  July 13 Montgomery, AL
  July 14 Woodworth, AL
  July 15 Montgomery, AL
  July 16 Hiram, GA
  July 21 Kremmling, CO
  July 26 Mt. Vernon, MO
  August 2 Mt. Vernon, MO
  August 5 Branson, MO
  August 18 Nebo, IL
  August 18 Kansas City, MO
  August 19 St. Joseph, MO
  August 29 Moberly, MO
  September 1 Nixa, MO
  September 8 Springfield, MO
  September 14-15 Huntington, IN
  September 17-19 Lebanon, MO
  September 24 Augusta, SC
  September 29 Springfield, MO
  October 5 Warsaw, IN
  October 7 St. Charles, MO
  October 20 Steelville, MO
  October 28 Clarksville, TN
  October 30 Shreveport, LA
  October 31 Springfield, MO
  November 3 Springfield, MO
  November 18-19 Alexandria, LA