Real Assembly is an Exciting Character Building Event

The Purpose:

Real Assembly is a character based school assembly which teaches that one student can have a positive impact in life and on their school campus. The assembly utilizes live entertainment (BMX bikes stunt team) and the latest in audio and video technology. We use extreme stunts to capture the attention of the students and discuss the disciplines of extreme sports and tie those disciplines into life. We show how one student can have a positive impact in the lives of others. The assembly also discusses the character qualities of discipline, positive attitudes, making right choices, and encouraging one another.

What we do:

The team is made up of dynamic young adults who desire to help students avoid the dangers and consequences of poor ethical and moral choices. We believe in this generation’s ability to make a positive difference in their world. We are committed to creating memorable experiences for students that impact their lives and their school for the better. We offer a high energy and educational message that capture the attention of the students.

What does the Assembly look like?

  • Real Assemblies are forty-five minutes in length.
  • Real Assembly utilizes high-energy music, BMX bike stunts and humor to capture the audience.
  • Real Assembly offers practical applications for facing the real-life issues today’s students are facing.

What others are saying:

“It is without hesitation that I recommend Real Assemblies. Their assemblies will help students in your school understand that one student with a positive attitude can make a huge difference in the social and educational environment on your campus. The assembly utilizes bike stunts and live entertainment. Students are engaged in a total learning experience.” Former Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas
“What a privilege it was for us to host Real Encounter at Orearville R-IV School. The students and staff were amazed at the tricks performed on the bikes. These guys are true;professionals. Best of all they incorporated a strong lesson on building character and having respect for others with their program. I heard compliments from both parents and students following the program. Several went back for an encore performance in Marshall later that evening.” Gene Neff, Administrative Assistant
“I have been in education some 25 years and witnessed many different types of assemblies. Brad Bennett produces on of the best assemblies I have ever seen. The message he promotes about good positive decisions in preparation for life is outstanding. He uses high energy music, visual effects, bike tricks and effective speaking – which combined keeps students on the edge of their seats. I want to recommend this assembly to any school wanting to promote students getting high on life and not drugs, alcohol or destructive decisions.” Steve Barnes, Principal
"I have never seen our students so captivated by a performance; they were sitting on the edge of their seats for the entire length of the program. Your guys were outstanding; they captured the student’s attention immediately with the stunts they performed. The message that you shared throughout the performance was exactly what this age group needs to hear." Vicki Perkins, Assistant Principal

Comments from students

“It was so cool.”


“That was the best thing ever, I’m still pumped.”

“The straightjacket dude was awesome.”